An Acoustic Afternoon with Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys came to town two weeks ago and we, in collaboration with Rowlberto Productions, fm949, and Studio West shot Alex and Matt live in studio. They performed 4 songs acoustically for an audience of around 60 lucky radio listeners.

Camera department was 4 of us – me and Kevin and Rowley & Rob. Aw, that just sounds so cute. If you notice a fifth camera in there, there is, we set a fifth camera on a locked shot on Matt because we had the extra gear. I wasn’t able to shoot photos during the official set because I was working double duty, manning the close slider rig. If you squint, and look really close, you can sorta see the camera setup in the last photograph, I was positioned to the left of Alex, far right in the photo. I used my Canon 5D Mark3 with a 24-70, living mostly around 45mm. I also had my Small HD Monitor to make sure my focus was on point. Kevin was stationed opposite of me on the bands’ right with a long lens on sticks, sniping beautiful closeups of Matt and Alex, while Rowley was in the middle, also on sticks, grabbing Alex’s close-up. Rob manned the “audience” slider which we thought was cool because it gives the viewer the feeling of being in the audience of the closed-set performance.

It was, in a few words, something we feel honored to have been a part of. The guys are beyond talented. Before the audience was allowed in, they did a ten minute soundcheck; listening to them check, hearing their voices raw, and in person, was epic. If I had to describe them in a word: SWAGGER. Those boys have it.

It’s experiences like this that remind me of how blessed I am to work in this field, creating images, moving and still. I will never get tired of my job. Work? What’s work?












2 Responses to “An Acoustic Afternoon with Arctic Monkeys”
  1. Peter says:

    Beautifully shot and the sound was amazing as well! Nice work Gentlemen! Really well done.

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  1. […] session was shot by photography duo Rebecca and Kevin Joelson. If you head on over to their blog, The Joelsons, you can learn about their camera setup and see some behind the scenes […]

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