On The Road Again…

Willie Nelson, Luck Reunion


BIG TALK of the Town

The talk started one night at The Casbah, hanging out with our girl, Anna. She’s connected with Big Talk and mentioned wanting us to document their mini tour – of course, we were immediately on board. Jump to a few weeks later, we found ourselves up in LA at a costume shop with our good … Continue reading

An Acoustic Afternoon with Arctic Monkeys

An Acoustic Afternoon with Arctic Monkeys

We Takin’ Everythang

A little over a month ago we were approached by ScionAV to pitch on shooting a music video for part of their audio visual campaign. An interesting offer was on the table. Scion came to us through a referral from our designer buddy, Josh Hassin who also referred another good friend of ours, Franck Deron. … Continue reading

Dead Feather Moon

Rebecca and I both agree that the one of the best things about being a music photographer is getting the chance to hear new tunes before the rest of the world gets to. Often new music is delivered to us via email in the form of un-mastered MP3’s, but not this time. A couple weeks … Continue reading


One of our favorite bands, whose members coincidentally make up some of our closest pals, came to us with the idea of doing an acoustic session and wanted us to film it. In the preliminary discussions, we talked about shooting in a recording studio. When the studio didn’t pan out, we decided to downsize. After … Continue reading

Holiday (Rock & Roll) Concerts

It all started with Halloran and I bullshitting in the bus waiting for the first band, The Royal Concept, to arrive. They were late. When they finally got there they were sweet boys from Sweden and were instantly forgiven. After their silly interview with Halloran about penguin soothing and dolphin polishing, I shot some portraits … Continue reading

Touring With The King

As I prepare to travel across the pond in 9 days to tour the UK with The Silent Comedy, it reminds me of the mini tour Kevin and I went on with Louis XIV…At the moment, they themselves are also across the pond touring Europe with The Killers. I can only imagine the fun they’re … Continue reading

Let Them All Talk

The Nervous Wreckords have just released their latest full-length album, Let Them All Talk and girl, it’s sure something to talk about…and blast really loud while singing into your hairbrush microphone and dancing in your livingroom in your underwear. Yeah, it’s that kinda party! Kevin and I are excited to share this with you not … Continue reading

We Set Out Across The Hills

In celebration of Jesse Lamonaca & The Dime Novels album release show TONIGHT at the Casbah we wanted to share a video we shot with Jesse.  A few Saturdays ago, the three of us piled into my station wagon with cameras, coats and a cooler and headed East.  Forty five minutes later we found ourselves … Continue reading