We Takin’ Everythang

A little over a month ago we were approached by ScionAV to pitch on shooting a music video for part of their audio visual campaign. An interesting offer was on the table. Scion came to us through a referral from our designer buddy, Josh Hassin who also referred another good friend of ours, Franck Deron. Essentially we were asked to pitch against one another because they liked both of our portfolios. Because we have collaborated a bunch of times on projects and because we are old friends and love one another dearly, we decided to just pitch together and take the project on as a Deron Joelson Collaboration. Franck would wear the hats of producer and director while we would take care of all DP and camera department.

Aside from the technical ho-haw, the biggest challenge of this video was pulling together an incredible and diverse cast of individuals. The credit for this goes to Franck; He poured everything into following and chasing leads for weeks before the shoot. He believes that this project would not be possible without Facebook. With it’s ability to open one up to social circles and connect individuals by way of virtual friendships, we ended up with a killer cast.

On the technical side, we used 10 Canon 5D Mark3s mounted with lenses varying from 24mm all the way to 200mm with 35, 50, and 85 primes in between. Cameras were mounted in a circle on stands in the center of the warehouse. Envision a performance ring with cameras covering 360 degrees of the action. If you watch the edit closely, you’ll notice each characters move is motivated by the move before, swings follow swings, kicks follow kicks; The constant changing action and perspective change keeps you watching, waiting for who’s up next.

Which brings me to the cast, I love all the characters for different reasons. Christine IDiivil and Masuimi Max were two of my favorites..yeah, give it up for my girls!! They were two of my favs because for one they are sexy as hell but also because their styling, wardrobe, and hair and makeup were all so on point. Props and many thanks to Samia Styling, Zef2Death and Daniel Omar. I love how Christine drives the piece with the simple swoosh of her kimono sleeve. Every character plays a memorable role from the big booty dancers, getting freaky to the breakers and twerker, the hot, ripped, sweaty fighers to the thugged out bad boys and Yakuzas and THX and Problem and Bad Lucc – on point son! Like I said already, such a killer line up! Huge thanks also to Michelle and Taylor from The Arsenal Film and Creative who helped with finding our shoot location, securing permits, lugging gear, and for being all around awesome to collaborate with. The talent were all so great to work with, everyone was focused with eyes on the prize. Lots of homies showed up, made appearances in the video, hung out, skated the warehouse, shared splifs, ate burritos from the taco truck outside, shot some shit, you know pretty typical day in downtown LA.

In the end we’re stoked on the video and excited to shoot more. This shoot reminded us of the old days when we were fresh out of college ready to hustle anything. We had dreams of shooting rap videos back then, if you haven’t seen any of our videos from back in the day, here’s a Deron Joelson collab from way back: Click here for some OG shiz. Eight years later, we feel like this brought us back together out of hiding from the rap game, ready and hungry for more. Look out – We bout to take EVERYTHANG.

Check out our video:

and as always some of my photos from the day…

































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