On The Road Again…

Willie Nelson, Luck Reunion


Dead Feather Moon

Rebecca and I both agree that the one of the best things about being a music photographer is getting the chance to hear new tunes before the rest of the world gets to. Often new music is delivered to us via email in the form of un-mastered MP3’s, but not this time. A couple weeks … Continue reading


One of our favorite bands, whose members coincidentally make up some of our closest pals, came to us with the idea of doing an acoustic session and wanted us to film it. In the preliminary discussions, we talked about shooting in a recording studio. When the studio didn’t pan out, we decided to downsize. After … Continue reading

With The Pines

It was Saturday night and we were in bed by 9pm, our alarms were set for 4:30am. When the alarm went off in the dark on Sunday morning, it wasn’t that bad – for us. For The Midnight Pine it was a bit hellish as half of the band had played a show with their … Continue reading

Miss Erika Davies – Part The Sea

It was a really cold morning in the middle of winter on the day we shot with San Diego’s most beautiful songbird, Miss Erika Davies, for her music video, Part The Sea. When it was time for Erika to lay down in the water, the look on her face was priceless. After a couple of … Continue reading