Shooting Uncharted Treasure

No rest for the wicked! Within a few days of returning from our World Tour for Sony Pictures, we were at it again! This time we’d be working for Sony PlayStation, shooting a game announcement trailer.

It was for the game, Uncharted, doing a prop intensive, tabletop shoot. We were excited for this gig because we would get to collaborate with some our of favorites in the biz. Our amazing team included master crafter, Gary Barth who hand crafted some of the items from the game. Some of the details on those pieces were microscopic and still perfect! The set came to life with the inspiration of our enthusiastic art director, Julia Reeser. Her eye for detail is beyond, she always hunts down the most perfect pieces. By the time Julia was done decorating and dusting the set, it truly looked like an old attic. It was perfect!! It’s interesting what you need to make a place look old… When I mentioned “dusting,” I was not referring to cleaning, but rather to dirtying. If you want things to look old, they need to either be old or be dusted to look like it. Julia nailed it. Her assistant Cody even caught a spider on request to add to the scene. See if you can spot it in the video! No spiders were harmed in this film – Charlie hitchhiked back to LA with Cody in one of the prop boxes; Now that he’s been in a PlayStation commercial, he’s got the acting bug!

What a fun gig! It was a relatively small crew, 14 of us in total. The Joelsons were hired on as the Directors of Photography; Kevin manned the camera except for the gib shots which I will take credit for. The piece was directed by Sean Kennedy and Henry Hobson, they did a great job working together on this spot to communicate exactly what we needed to capture for the piece. Each added his own artistic touch, like when Henry held the fan in front of the lens for foreground blur or when Sean suggested which objects he wanted heroed. It was flawlessly Art Directed by Julia Reeser, assisted by Cody Howell, Set build by Mayo. The whole thing came together because of our great Producer, Will Ullman, and Visionaries Arran Green and Sean Thomas. Dan Olson, Ron Ilano, and Charles Eck all brought some manly brawn to set, cause you always need some of that.

The shoot was 3 days, a scout day, a set build and pre-light, and a shoot day. It was fun watching the set come to life in 3 days. From building the framework, to loading in box after box of props, to decorating and lighting and then finally shooting only to turn around and un-decorate, repack, deconstruct the framework, and load it all back out – We totally should have timelapsed it! You can get a sense of what it was like from my behind the scenes photos, but first, enjoy our announcement trailer for Uncharted!





















2 Responses to “Shooting Uncharted Treasure”
  1. Gary Barth says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Kevin. It was great working with all of you again. I just wanted to point out that, while I acted mainly as prop master on this gig, I only made some of the props. My thanks to Kenney, Clint, Noel, Joey, Marc and Patrick for their work on the other props

    This was a fun shoot. Lets do another… 😉

  2. Tom Arild Gulbrandsen says:

    Hi i Just bought one of the coins from the shoot but would love to have it athenticated, Who made the coins and where can i contact him? Great ad you guys made love the uncharted games! 🙂 you guys did a wonderful job!

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