Dead Feather Moon

Rebecca and I both agree that the one of the best things about being a music photographer is getting the chance to hear new tunes before the rest of the world gets to. Often new music is delivered to us via email in the form of un-mastered MP3’s, but not this time. A couple weeks ago I got to visit Big Fish Recording and witnessed Dead Feather Moon’s new music firsthand.

Big Fish has been the home to many great records including early Switchfoot and the classic Blink-182 albums. More recently our friends from Transfer recorded Shadow Aspect there. It’s not at all surprising that it was Aaron Swanton’s choice to record Dead Feather Moon’s latest jams there too.

For those of you who have never sat in a recording session, long hours can turn into very long days. Studio sessions can be quite mundane, however nothing beats coming into a session during guitar tracking. The songs rhythmically are locked, and laying in the guitars is where you can really hear the music sonically come together. I had such a good time capturing Aaron and Jesse working out the guitar tones for the new songs. Luckily for them, the owner of Big Fish has some beautiful guitars in his collection including a ’57 Fender Strat seen at the bottom of the story. Through Aaron’s sonic guidance and ability to channel Jesse’s raw talent, hearing them control that instrument live in the booth was like witnessing a battle between two Greek gods.

Fans of Dead Feather Moon will be blown away by this new record. The songs are harder, dirtier and nasty as all hell! But of course they are, the record is fueled by plenty of whiskey, cheep beer and ones fair share of Smirnoff Ice. It was pleasure hanging with the band and a big ol’ thanks for sharing some of the “Tracks” from Lost Abbey’s Boxed Set Series of brews with me. Cheers Boys!

Head out to the Griffin tomorrow night (3-01-2014) and see Dead Feather Moon perform live for FREE! Please show your support and help them finish their new album by donating to their Indiegogo campaign HERE!.

For those of you who are interested in the technical aspects of the photography, these photos we’re shot on Sony’s new A7R with the Zeiss 55mm f1.8. I am very impressed with these low light images and can’t wait to use this camera again.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!



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