One of our favorite bands, whose members coincidentally make up some of our closest pals, came to us with the idea of doing an acoustic session and wanted us to film it. In the preliminary discussions, we talked about shooting in a recording studio. When the studio didn’t pan out, we decided to downsize. After all, Transfer was doing a paired down set, why couldn’t The Joelsons do the same? We moved our shoot location from the recording studio to Transfer’s practice space. Like gracious hosts, the boys welcomed us in, offering cans of beer and apologizing for the less than glamorous conditions. If I may go off on a rant for a moment, something I’ve encountered many times when working with bands is their fear of showing the world their practice spaces. I’m not sure if it’s because of the sacred mysteriousness of the place or the shame of dirty carpets and cobwebs. To this I say: don’t be scared, bands, your practice spaces, though messy, are totally photogenic! You guys be the judge, here’s the video we shot with Transfer in their space. I think it’s beautiful, but I may be partial.

Special thanks to our assistant Armon Vahidi for helping us with everything from hauling sandbags to shooting sweet camera angles. We are most grateful for a third set of eyes and arms!

If you enjoyed this post & video, please share it with your friends! You should also like them on Facebook. Why? Well, because everybody should know about Transfer. Cheers!


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