With The Pines

It was Saturday night and we were in bed by 9pm, our alarms were set for 4:30am. When the alarm went off in the dark on Sunday morning, it wasn’t that bad – for us. For The Midnight Pine it was a bit hellish as half of the band had played a show with their other band at the Casbah just the night before. At 5:45 our assistant, Armon arrived and we hopped in the car to meet the rest of the gang at Al’s. It was still dark when we arrived at 6, and most of the conversation was about coffee, needing some, getting some, and then agreeing on which cafe we would hit up. Being that there were 13 of us in total, Starbucks on the corner was a good choice. After getting our caffeine fixes and and stocking up on water at the next door 711, we were on our way to Idyllwild. It took a while to get there, and when we did, the first thing we were all interested in was breakfast. We stopped at a locals’ spot called Joannes. When we told them we needed a table for 13, they looked a bit stressed out, and then gave us the waitress who kept apologizing for being new. She took good care of us and even let Shelbi’s hairstylist Roger poach their electricity for his irons. Next hair and makeup happened on Shelbi while we surveyed the boys’ wardrobe. After passing a shirt to the left and some pants to the right, the boys’ looks came together. Next came the hunt for the shoot location. Ideally we would scout locations beforehand but being that we were three hours from home, we were doing it on the fly. It took a few stops, a bit of uphill jogging, slipping on ice, and asking permission to trespass, but eventually, we found the perfect pines.



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