On Set: Tyga’s “Wait For A Minute” Ft. Justin Bieber

It was last Thursday, alarm goes off at a quarter to five, the sun is not even up yet and I’m questioning why I am. Oh yeah, today is the day we will shoot Justin Bieber. Crazy. It was an absolute honor to work with director, Krista Liney on another music video project so soon, … Continue reading

Joelson Holiday 2013

Though we’ve been doing a ton of traveling for work, it’s been years since we’ve had an out of town getaway just for fun. Way back in April, we decided we needed some time away from it all and started pondering where would be fun to go. A couple days later I received an email … Continue reading

On Set Tyga’s, Throw It Up

A week ago we had the opportunity to work alongside one of our good friends, director, Krista Liney, on Tyga’s music video for Throw It Up. The shoot took place in a dark and scary (and smelly) basement in Downtown LA. Rumors on set were that it was an old slaughterhouse. Yay, just where the … Continue reading