Wheels of Fortune

The Joelsons have been gearing up to direct and create our own spots for a while now and the hard work is finally paying off as we have finally scored our first national commercial!

A few weeks ago I got the call to head out to Nebraska to document the Lambrecht Chevy Dealership as well as 500ish cars that the owner collected over the years – then – fly to LA to shoot a commercial for it at Union Station with Brian Unger, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood.

When we landed in Sioux City, Iowa, I thought we were landing on somebody’s farm. The cars were all in Pierce, Nebraska, a super rural, tiny speck of a town in the middle of nothing but rolling hills and cornfields. The town was so small that the closest airport to fly into was in Iowa and then drive two hours to Nebraska. Trying to find the car lot posed a bit of a problem since we were much too rural for our phones to lead the way. We stopped and asked directions from the town sheriff, a cashier at the gas station, and a group of very manly fishermen before we finally found our destination. When we found the lot, we were stunned at how many cars were parked before us. Tons of them had mileages of 9, 10, 16 miles – total – and these are cars from the 1950’s! Some had the original stickers on the windows, brown and weathered with time; Others had the plastic still on the seats. The one with the red interior and 9.5 miles, pictured here, actually still had the new car smell even though visually was far from new. I almost felt bad sitting in it to take the photograph. It felt like it should be in a museum, on display, instead of siting, rotting in this field in the middle of America. Well, today, all of it changes. The cars are being auctioned.

Though Nebraska and Iowa were both quaint and enjoyable, I do always like flying home. Though Los Angeles isn’t home, it’s close. The next morning we shot at Union Station with a concept given to us by History of Brian missing his bus and hitching a ride with the Top Gear guys. With the help of our crew, Kevin and I totally made our day, ended up shooting five separate spots for the network and even wrapped one hour ahead of schedule. Pretty great I must admit. Nothing feels better than getting more work done in a shorter period of time than you thought you would. I think what made this possible was having such a great crew, ready and willing with a skip in their steps. Working with all three guys was also easy and enjoyable. We laughed quite a bit I must admit. Good guys, and another memorable job in the books! I may have liked a bit more cloud cover, but hey, you can’t have it all right?! Totally joking! In all fairness, looking back on this experience, I’m reminded me how blessed Kevin and I are to be doing what we love to do. If we were on set everyday of our lives, I don’t think anyone would ever hear a complaint from either of us. That being said, we are looking forward to the next one!

Here’s a link to our commercial for Wheels of Fortune for The History Channel: http://www.history.com/shows/history-made-now-wheels-of-fortune/videos/history-made-now-wheels-of-fortune-promo

And also some photographs from Nebraska and LA

























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