Photography & Mould

While he mentions me watching the cameras, he doesn’t mention me dealing with mould growing in my kitchen and spare bedroom. Other than watching cameras and watching mould, I did little else in creating this beautifully infected title sequence. The credit goes to Mr. Joelson on this one.

Creating this title sequence alongside Neil Druckmann and Henry Hobson for game studio, Naughty Dog, was incredibly intense and enjoyable at the same time. Just last week, Kevin was interviewed by Art of the Title for his directing and DP work on the piece. Here’s what he told them:

“The whole beginning was a week and a half of growing mould — it grows pretty fast, especially under ideal conditions — and I had two or three timelapse cameras running on it at all times. I ended up taking it to my house and growing some there with my wife watching the cameras. We shot everything camera raw so that we had the most to work with. By the end of those two weeks I had a pretty severe cold, I think from all the spores and slime moulds, but it had to get done.” – Kevin Joelson

That’s what I call serious dedication, and I’m proud to say Kevin’s dedication paid off using a creative, organic process which provided an intriguing result, and in the end was perfectly matched to the clients’ needs.

To see Kevin’s title sequence for The Last of Us and to learn more about his process, please visit


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