Miss Erika Davies – Part The Sea

It was a really cold morning in the middle of winter on the day we shot with San Diego’s most beautiful songbird, Miss Erika Davies, for her music video, Part The Sea. When it was time for Erika to lay down in the water, the look on her face was priceless. After a couple of seconds of pondering to herself whether she was taking the plunge or not she ended up agreeing to sacrifice her body temperature for the sake of art. The last shot when the wave crashes around her is so gorgeous. Every time we see it we smile, not only because of how pretty it is, but also because we know how cold it really was.

fast forward months later to last night

Last night was the grand event, held at the Cygnet Theatre in Old Town, San Diego. It was Erika’s album release party and show and also the premier of this video we shot for her. Set in a beautiful old theatre on a crisp spring evening in Old Town, the venue was quite romantic. Erika sounded like a dream, as usual, and all of the musicians that accompanied her where truly out of this world talented. What a special night!

So now, finally, after months of keeping quiet, we are excited to present to you: Part The Sea

And a handful of photographs from the day..


And lastly…BIG special thanks to our assistant and homie, Armon Vahidi for not only being a wonderful camera assistant, but also, when the job calls for it, being a great towel boy and comedian too. We love you Armon! What a fun day!

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  1. […] San Diego songbird Miss Erika Davies has unveiled the new video for “Part the Sea,” the title track off her latest album. Directed by the ever-talented Joelsons, the video casts Davies against a beautifully shot beach backdrop. Unfortunately for Davies, the video was shot in the winter, and the frigid conditions made for a bit of an uncomfortable experience. As the Joelsons write on their blog: […]

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