Blackout Party Weekend!

What an awesome, fun, whirlwind of a year 2012 was!! We traveled so many miles, met so many great people, and took a ton of pictures. It was such a wild adventure that we barely took any time to write about it.

Someday friends – the tales will be told.

But for now, since 2013 is here and going strong, we thought we would share one of our favorite projects so far this year. This was the funnest time!

We traveled up to Julian on a Friday morning with the boys from Blackout Party. For those of you not familiar with Julian, it’s a quaint, mountain town about an hour outside of San Diego. For those of you not familiar with Blackout Party, do yourself a favor a pick up their album HERE.

Since it was January, there was a bit of snow on the ground. I’m not really a fan of the snow or cold for that matter, but honestly, this weekend, I could care less that the thermometer read 29 degrees – I was so excited to be up there with these guys shooting pictures and hanging out. We started our day in the Eagle and High Peak Mine which was an operating goldmine back in the 1800’s. This probably is the explanation for the “hauntings” that occurred while we were there. Cold air going through us even though there’s no air flow in the mine, battery failure on full batteries in both the camera and the lights, and last but not least an electrical fire from one of the lights we moved in the mine. Yep, this all went down and when the fire happened, we realized that was the sign that we should move along to lighter things, like lunch.

After lunch we got our spirits back and made more pictures in the snow speckled graveyard. We didn’t spend too much time there as it was getting really, really cold and the boys were suffering, so I called it a wrap, and we made our way to our cabin for the night.

A cabin in the snow in the middle of nowhere, a warm crackling fireplace, two bottles of Makers Mark, two of the really big cases of Tecate, pizzas, records, drums, guitars, singing, and laughing is how we spent the evening. The next day we filmed some live sessions at the town’s record shop, The Old Well. Both our friends Armon Vahidi and Amanda Bard and our friends from A Trolley Show Andrew Rowley, Robert Knauf, and Cory Will, were there to lend an eye, in Cory’s case, an ear. Between the six of us cameras and our audio recordist, we captured an intimate set of Blackout Party originals plus a Prince cover. It was chilly, but with the combination of music, friends, and beers, we all managed to have a wonderful day. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Definitely looking forward to more weekends like this!

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite pictures:


Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more stories and pictures. Loving this adventure called life…


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