Let Them All Talk

The Nervous Wreckords have just released their latest full-length album, Let Them All Talk and girl, it’s sure something to talk about…and blast really loud while singing into your hairbrush microphone and dancing in your livingroom in your underwear. Yeah, it’s that kinda party!

Kevin and I are excited to share this with you not only because we are huge fans of Brian Karscig and his band The Nervous Wreckords but also because we shot the album art! What an honor to have our images represent the band and their music.

Brian and Lindsay had the vision for the album’s artwork which was inspired by a dark reference photo of a somewhat mysterious pair of sexy, androgynous legs in high heels slung across a chaise lounge. From that photo we built our shoot.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use a transgendered model for the shoot and were stoked when the lovely Miss Amanda Morgan answered our ad. Though already a stunner, standing over 6 feet tall, all legs and pretty as a peach, we brought on our favorite stylist to the stars, Madison Jane to work her hair magic and transform Amanda from a regular girl to a sexy and sultry vixen. Anyone looking for some style should hit up Madison Jane. I can’t sing her enough praises. From haircuts to extravagant up-dos this girl knows hair. Hire her people, she’s rad.

For our location, our friend Jason Rose helped us out with a couple of lovely little bungalows on the boulevard. When we saw the shiny, velvet couch in one of the main rooms, we knew this would be the cover shot.

We had such a blast working with Brian, Lindsay, and the rest of the gang. Our good friend and trusty assistant Armon Vahidi was there to capture some behind the scenes. You can watch the recap of our shoot here: CLICK HERE TO GO BEHIND THE SCENES

Here’s some photos from our shoot. As well as few of the band performing at The Casbah for their cd release party which happened last weekend. If you haven’t seen these guys before, please check them out. They are infectiously fun, upbeat, and will have you smiling and singing along in no time.

One Response to “Let Them All Talk”
  1. Alix says:

    Beautiful shoot! I’m always really impressed how you create such dramatic shoots without it looking overly photoshopped. It’s especially true for the models, who never look plastic-y. Your shoots always bring out lots of personality and natural beauty from the models and spaces.

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