Municipal Waste’s Fatal Feast

Not last month but the month before, we headed 2 hours North to LA to shoot a music video with some of Kevin’s fellow SDSU Alumni. The video was for the riot inducing, heavy metal band Municipal Waste. The concept of the video directed by Jeff Speed of Halo of Flies was a cannibalistic space voyage. What could be better for a song titled, “Fatal Feast” right!?

It was a long day, about 12 hours of shooting. We did it all on the former set of the space western television series “Firefly”. Chris Speed, Jeff’s twin brother dressed the already cool set with handmade props and details to make the set really pop. He did it all, from the stars in the sky to the icy beer cooler.

We filmed a variety of scenes, most involving blood, gore, and a fog machine. We also filmed the band performing the song a handful of times. We had to do it double since we shot them with and without blood. You’ll also notice they play real instruments and then switch to body parts. Take a look at drummer, Dave Witte’s sticks! That was messy.

Over all, it was a fun day with good friends who are all just as passionate about creating imagery as we are. We can’t wait for the next project with Jeff and his crew!

And, here’s the video! Enjoy…

Here’s some of our photos from the day…
Want to see the whole set? Visit our flickr page CLICK HERE!!


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